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Context & Pain Point

Organizations face big challenges when it comes to meeting their sustainability goals. The first thing that comes to mind in reducing the carbon footprint is the energy consumption of buildings. But how do you manage the energy for all these buildings spread over a large geographic area? It quickly becomes a headache for organizations as they are unfamiliar with energy concepts to make decisions. At vadimUS, we have expertise in decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization (3Ds). These 3Ds form a perfect team for achieving the objectives of organizations by offering the personalized clean energy plan.



vadiMAP is a structured solution achieving 3 objectives for each building:

Energy Cost Savings

Autonomy & Resilience

Environmental Footprint Reduction

The solution is user-friendly for all organizations with commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.


vadiMAP is the solution of choice for organizations seeking to realize renewable energy projects on their commercial, institutional or industrial buildings to achieve one or more of the objectives listed above. It is a turnkey solution that makes life easier for organizations and building owners with the fully online platform, our in-house algorithms and the support of a vadimUS expert.

In short, vadiMAP is the guide to convert a traditional building energized by centralized energy (the grid) into a full or partial net-zero nanogrid.

Nature of the challenge

Analyzing several types of building loads and distributed energy resources (DER) is not a simple task, even for an experienced energy engineer. Most renewable energy or self-generation projects integrate photovoltaic production, energy storage, electric vehicles and smart control of these.

In Canada, vadiMAP is directly applicable for several buildings. The increase in tariffs, the frequency of blackouts, the climate reality and the soft costs of this kind of project will encourage more and more consumers to become self-producers of energy.


Advanced algorithms are used to recommend a renewable energy system (also called a nanogrid). Among thousands of generated configurations, only one is chosen for the client: the best. It is selected based on aggregated data, the client’s objectives and his preferences. Everything is done on an online platform.

Of course, a project manager accompanies the client to ensure an optimal experience with vadiMAP and to answer his questions. With the algorithms and the platform of vadiMAP, the soft costs of a project will be considerably reduced in order to allow the client to realize a project at the best price. To reduce soft costs, the algorithms use the following 3 types of data:


The Market

(technologies’ prices, utility tariffs, weather data, etc.)


The Client

(objectives, building activities, critical loads, etc.)


The Performance

(prescribed system vs actual system performance)

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