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Expertise services

Electrical grids (or energy systems) including power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption made of a constellation of loads, lot objects and controls will undergo a radical transition for a decade or two, and further for developing countries.

Typically, grids were and are still framed by one-way flow of electrons from generators to electrical loads of all sorts. Some grids are already 100% green (renewable). Others, because of their legacy and more complex environment, are approaching an ideal hybrid mixture meaning the progress requires a combination of old centralized assets and new decentralized assets with critical ties between them. Looking forward, the centralized system may be kept and modernized for the base power system or vice versa if Decentralized Energy Resources (DER) are more logical.

Over the last 25 years, vadimUS’ team members contributed to top-notch Strategies and Execution for highly determined vendors, consumers, prosumers and boards belonging to the energy ecosystem of players. That whole experience and knowhow acquired with renowed experts is offered to you to make a difference.

Business Consulting
Quick & Easy preliminary proposal

Following a 30-60 minutes meeting (face-to-face or video), vadimUS can provide a preliminary proposal for a mandate which can then be to perfect match your needs and wants.

Starting with a hub of experts

Wherever the mandate starts between the generation and consumption points across the energy value chain, vadimUS and its prequalified partners are to make a positive difference. The following missions and enables cover this scope range vadimUS can act upon.

Asset management
Cyber risk management
Digitalization and artificial intelligence
Energy efficiency (building and process)
Energy and power management
Power quality and outage mitigation
Smart networks and automation
Sustainable mobility (people and thing)
Transport and distribution
Business models and carbon trading
Human capital, training and events
Neutral products and services
Regulatory framework
Societal impacts
Venture capital

3 Services offers leading you to Success



Where & Why

  • Growth canvas
  • Expertise hub
  • Board advisory
  • Netzero targets 



What & How

  • Energy market intel
  • Offer & Capacity
  • Opportunity mgmt.
  • Product engineering 



Say & Do

  • Project turnover
  • Design review
  • Field audit
  • Quality gap 

More details about each Service offer

Business Create

The following examples are real cases vadimUS has contributed to in the past and possibly similar to your current aim to “Create” a new business or expand a portfolio of products, services or solutions. Such outcomes typically imply strategic growth and market grab.

  • Managed a 3-fold growth within 3 years with a detailed master plan for a global energy player
  • Constituted and ran a new regional power quality and management (PQ&M) capacity for C&II consumers
  • Achieved aggressive P&L targets with change management at a North American scale
  • Developed utility-specific solution sets to fulfill 5 market trends set forth through early-adopters
  • Led a new private-public organization for electrical energy innovations.

Business Propel

The following examples are real cases vadimUS has contributed to in the past and possibly similar to your current aim to Propel an existing product, service or solution with active business development and voice of customer.

  • Led commercial transformations including the platforming of 150+ utility accounts
  • Reconstructed salesforces (50+ people) to grow top line by 25% with new selling techniques
  • Increased capacity by 500% with 125 new employees and aggressive outsourcing projects
  • Led NAFTA projects with several benchmarks in USA, GWR, Brasilia, Portugal and Canada
  • Revamped product architectures to enable modularity with DFM/A methodology

Business Fix

The following examples are real cases vadimUS has contributed to in the past and possibly similar to your current aim to Fix something in your operations, a field issue, a process or a project that slipped off the right pathway.

  • Reconfigured multiple facilities into one plant to reduce cost by 15% and lead-times by 40%
  • Fixed manufacturing service levels from 25% up to 95%+ with turnover strategies
  • Managed ice-storm crisis with extraordinary measures to help customers restore power supply
  • Supervised multi-functional building projects requiring electricity and automation
  • Managed high-impact quality issues with process,technology and cultural barriers..

All our experts and partners understand that safety, waste, quality, profits and now Moving on to Green are givens for any business manager.  

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