This is all about picking the right players.

Moving on to Green

Our purpose is all in our 4-word tag line. 

The following dialogue from the movie « Miracle » is a great way and perfect analogy to express the purpose of vadimUS vis-à-vis the energy sector looking forward.  The movie Miracle exhibits the true story of Herb Brooks’ mission as a head coach of the US Olympic hockey team in 1980 at Lake Placid, New York. 

Later in the room during tryouts

Dialogue from « Miracle »

Herb Brooks : The only way we can win against the eastern teams is to change. 

Coaches : Change what ? 

Herb Brooks : Change the way we train, to be tougher, more competitive… we need to change the way we play the game. 

Coaches : What exactly does that mean ?

Herb Brooks : My plan is to adopt a new style, a hybrid like the Soviet and the Canadian schools. That combination requires the highest levels of conditioning, speed, creativity and most of all team chemistry. 


Coaches : We don’t have years, we have months. How do you think you will take a bunch of kids that never played together and teach them a whole new style ? 


Herb Brooks : Listen, four years ago our team was beaten 15-1. I don’t think we can embarrass ourselves any more than that. All-star teams fail because they rely solely on talent. 


Assistant Coach : But you are missing some of the best players. 


Herb Brooks : I am not looking for the best players but the right ones. 


The rest is history – that team won the gold medal against much stronger teams.


Think further !

Any actor of the energy sector with a green mindset should have made or must be thinking about setting targets and goals to do its part to reduce its carbon footprint. But even with clear targets we need the right team with the will to fulfill their mission.

Only with such a spirit it will be possible to achieve without getting lost through the transition. Everyone is allowed to define what “green” means. For us at vadimUS, a “green” grid is an energy system that is as sustainable, reliable and resilient as it can be while reaching an optimal hybrid state with its own centralized and decentralized parts.

Belief #1

Strategy and execution are inseparable at any point in time. 

After all this time going back and forth between the white board and the street, Strategy and Execution must come from the same root. This belief (or value if you will) is reflected in the three types of offerings vadimUS is proposing to the green actors of the energy sector.

Belief #2

A team wins the most with TIME. 

Building high-performance teams may include your right talents for the mission, maybe a couple of outsiders and vadimUS to give TIME its profound meaning.

It is super important to make TIME for the teams to win ! That can only happen with a close connection with the leaders of the organization and the right talents for the game we aim to win

Belief #3

There is good and bad red tape. 

Efficient and effective work will make good things happen faster. This belief is all about keeping the team focused on adding value until the mission is 100% complete. Staying away from distractions is fundamental.  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos contends that a team is too big when it needs more than two pizza pies for lunch. Small, independent teams are the lifeblood of the agile organization

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