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Moving on to Green denotes the massive energy transition undertaking, certainly the most important of our time. High-value projects generate better, quicker and lasting outcomes when the chosen solution fits with the true ambition.


vadimUS contributed to top-notch strategic planning and business execution for vendors, consumers, prosumers and boards belonging to the energy ecosystem of players. High-value projects generate better outcomes when those beliefs are embraced. 


All our experts and partners understand that safety, waste, quality, profits and now Moving on to Green are givens for any seasoned manager. As needed, vadimUS will build the right hub of experts either to create, propel or fix your business aim.

The energy sector needs to change radically and only through unprecedented collaboration will this happen fast enough

— Dan Boucher 

Over the last 25 years, the vadimUS team contributed to add value for highly determined consumers, vendors and nowadays, proactive prosumers from the energy sector — that value was built with top-notch strategic planning, project execution with the best wrench time possible.

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